Jack Line

On the BCC how does one route a Jack line for off shore rough weather sailing?

Any pointers and/or pictures?

Jack-lines to which one could attach a tether to a safety harness?

Zygote carries a stainless steel D shackle through the aft hole penetrating the upper lug on the cranse iron.

We run a webbing jack-line along each side deck. Starting from the aforementioned D shackle, the jack-line runs aft along the bowsprit, passes inboard of the bitt, and then runs to the base of the primary winch and is made fast around the outboard leg of the primary winch base.

After anticipating boisterous conditions, we may also run shoulder-high lifelines along each side. Make fast a length of retired halyard through the eye in the bronze end-piece of the gallows horizontal and then run that retired halyard forward to the aft lower stay (or the intermediate stay - your choice).

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