Jib Sheet

Maybe this is how it is supposed to be but I suspect that the jib sheet arrangement on our Falmouth Cutter is wrong! There is a block strapped to the teak bulwarks just forward of the sheet winch. The jib sheet therefore goes from jib to block to winch. Where do other boats have this block? I doubt if our system of a strap round the bulwarks is how it was originally designed.

I’m pretty sure that’s the original design-my other boat went jib/block/winch as well, as did every other winch equipped boat.

How do you think it should be arranged?

It wasn’t so much the positioning of the block that I was unsure about, it was the method of asttachment. The block is is attached by a 3/4 inch webbing strap round the bulwarks and kept upright with a piece of shock cord between block and lifeline. I have looked at pictures of othe Fc’s and can’t see the strap so concluded that other boats had the block fixed in some other way. It could be that others are the same and the strap just doesn’t show up in the pictures.

The strap is original as far as I know-my hull # 3 came that way. The shock cord is almost certainly “aftermarket”!

The advantage of the strap is the ability to change sheet lead-though I still wonder about the staysail arrangement.

On my 1980 FC there are no fixed padeyes or tracks for attaching jib/staysail sheet blocks. But there is a handrail on each side of the cabin top; and the toe rails are made from “handrails”. Therefore, it is possible to attach both sets of blocks to handrails by using webbing straps. That allows both sets of blocks to be adjusted fore or aft if needed.

Newer FCs, built with roller furling jibs, may have fixed padeyes for the jib sheet blocks bolted to the bulwarks a foot or so ahead of the jib sheet winches. And padeyes attached to the cabin top just behind the dorade boxes for the staysail sheet blocks. In this case to adjust the “position” of the blocks, one must adjust the sails tack pendant length. I think the webbing attachments are easier. And cheaper.

ron walton
editor: FC News

PS The shock cords to hold the jib sheet blocks off the deck protects the brightwork. I only wish I could do the same for the staysail sheet blocks. SLM uses some big rubber grommets around the base of the staysail sheet blocks for this purpose. It is my understanding that those are from Mercedes Benz exhaust systems. Ask Sumio for more info.

Although this thread is a few years old, I now have a similar question about the orientation of the jib block to the winch.

I have a 1995 SLM-built boat (new to me), and the webbing is able to slide fore/aft in the bulwark slot. Understandably, with the forces applied by the winch, this strap quickly slides aft to where the block touches the bottom of the winch. When jammed against the winch, the sheet fouls easily, and some attention is required to finish sheeting it in.

I looked at the arrangement, and it seems that some way to “pin” the webbing forward would be desirable. Has anyone had any experience like mine? If so, what was done to secure the block forward. I thought that a through bolt with fender washers would work, but I hesitate to apply such a correction if there is a known solution that is more elegant. If helpful, I can supply photos of my configuration.

Any suggestions or sharing of configuration info would be appreciated. Thanks.

-Tom Frenock

Hi Tom,

Originally I attached my jib sheet lead blocks with a nylon strap as you are doing. I noticed no tendency for them to slip aftwards. You might try attaching a shock cord or small line to the block to hold it vertical and tie that line to the top lifeline ahead of the lifeline stanchion. It might keep the blocks from slipping aftwards.

Another solution can be seen in the photos of FC Dora Rose on my Falmouth cutter website: http://homepage.mac.com/rwsailor/fc/fc.html

Still another solution is to attach a padeye to the bulwarks at the same location where you are now placing the blocks. Then attach the blocks to the padeyes with shackles. This was done on FC #36 Olive Oyle.

Good luck.

ron walton
editor: FC News