Sunday was a beautiful. Even though we didn’t have good wind, the day trip out of West river was fun.
A sailor friend of mine who was with me thought that the clew of the jib was low. Since I have no reference point I don’t know how high the clew should be.
May be because of its height the jib sheet sometimes gets stuck to the shroud…


I don’t see any problem with your yankee jib’s clew. The BCC’s yankee jib is high cut, but I know that the dimensions vary a fair bit. There’s no set height for the yankee’s clew. You should use your sails for some sailing under various conditions before deciding that you have a problem. As you may have noticed in the photos in the Gallery, some BCC’s have yankee jibs, and others use a larger jib, and some have a genoa.

One thing you might check is the placement of the blocks on the bulwarks for the jib sheets. As was discussed in a forum thread started on Aug 6 titled “Lee Helm”, a line projected from the block, through the clew, should meet the luff at its midpoint.

In very light winds like you had, our yankee sometimes doesn’t blow through the gap forward of the forestay when we tack, and I have to go forward and help it out. It doesn’t help that our sails were built for strong winds–a jib built from lighter sail cloth (and with lighter jib sheets) would come around more easily in light breezes. Also, ‘snap-on cable covers’, made by Davis, help the sheets slip past the upper shrouds.
Dan Shaula BCC 59

Thank you very much.