John Cole needs our help to maintain this website!

I just noticed that John Cole has a sticky at the top of the forum asking for donations to support this website. I just added $50 to the kitty and I’m posting this in case you haven’t noticed John’s sticky. is an invaluable resource to BCC and FC owners, present and future. It’s been a number of years since John has received financial support from forum members, so please help out. His sticky links to his PayPal account.

I check the forum for new posts almost daily, but missed his sticky up at the top for a week! Hopefully this post will help get attention to John’s sticky.

I’m in. PayPal makes it almost painless. Thanks for maintaining and supporting this forum John. It is invaluable

Thank you both. The account is now in the black at last.

To give you some idea of costs, in 5 years the total costs for the various features, domain name renewal, web server, security, etcetera, was a little over £2,500

There is no charge for my team’s labor, I pay the programming staff from my own funds; that is my contribution.

Thanks to all the donors, we now have nearly 20 years of messages.