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Enjoyed parts 1 & 2. Look forward to the next installment! Thank you,


Well done. I had to watch it twice. Keep’em coming…


It was good fun watching your videos Rick - especially as a new BCC owner. The bluegrass music kind of suits the BCC too!

Good to see what progress you’ve made since taking ownership of Junessa.
Power to you.

Thanks for the nice reviews!

The roundtrip from Washington to Alaska and back, this summer, was a trip of a lifetime! I tried to document as much of it as I could and I’m now trying to share it on YouTube and my blogsite. Check it out…


You can also click the YouTube icon on my website to view, rate and leave comments.

BCC Junessa


I am enjoying reading your blog and watching the video clips. It was cool you did a workshop with Art DeWolf. I was particularly interested in the video of the triradial spinnaker. I have several questions:

  1. Do you use a spinnaker sock to set and take down the sail?

  2. Do you fly it outside of the jib stay?

  3. I assume you use two spinnaker guys - pole side and none pole side?

  4. Why did you select a triradial spinnaker instead of a cruising (asymmetric) spinnaker?

By-the-by the color combination/patterns on your spinnaker are prodigiously awesome.

Thanks for sharing your journey.


Hi Rod,

I’ll try to answer your questions…

The Asymmetrical Spinnaker came with JUNESSA, so what you see is what I had to learn with. The spinnaker does have a sock and new horse-collar type slide (not sure what it’s called). I had never flown a spinnaker before, so it was a bit of a challenge to figure it out.

I tried to keep all lines outside of the rigging and attached the tack to the end of the bowsprit and attached the pole to the guy. I only used one guy… I think. The spinnaker did come with a roller thing attached to one tack that was designed to allow the tack to slide up and down the Jib stay, but I lost it overboard on the third flying of the spinnaker… :frowning:

The whole thing worked wonderfully… until the wind started to die, then I had sail dragging in the water. As long as I had about 10 knots off the stern, the spinnaker stayed inflated and pulled JUNESSA along.

I will include some spinnaker video in Part III of my Inside Passage trip. (if anyone out there can steer me in the right direction, please help me out!)


Part 111 now online:

Once again, thank you for sharing this. Greatly helps with the dreams during the low light days. Wonderful production!


Thanks for the information about your spinnaker and the video.

Fair Winds,



I posted another short video on my Blog site and YouTube… I keep finding more memory cards with video from this summers adventure to Alaska.