Keep the Forum afloat

Dear Forum Users,

When I read back over all of the pages of the forum I am amazed by all who have benefited from what the forum has to offer. Hey, if nothing else it makes a good read for BCC owners and dreamers. There is and always will be a need for owners of these boats, Falmouth Cutters included, to exchange ideas and information, share tips on how to do this and that and just plain old “How ya doin’, wanna raft up?” Let’s keep this going as it is the one thing that we all own a part of regardless of the price. I feel this group is a great lot of people who are related just in owning a Sam L. Morse boat. We are family and the exchanges of information over the pages of the forum is the stuff that sticks together. I like the idea of being able to open up the Forum without the worry of advertising and spam. Life is much too complicated as it is to have to worry about someone out in cyberspace messing up something that you get satisfaction out of reading and information sharing. This a great site and what www.coledata has put together and maintains has my vote hands down. Let’s git’er done.

Bob & Lois

Jolie Brise