Kite Cam Pic

Hey guys…

We’re well on our way up to find an iceberg, and making a documentary about the voyage and our exploration of voluntary simplicity. We got this video still the other day from our kite cam and thought I’d share.

We are keeping a blog as best we can (limited internet now) and updating the facebook page with position reports. Keep an eye on the flickr page for more photo updates throughout the summer. And we’ll be posting some vids on youtube, as time permits.

We are planning to stop in and see Stewart in St. Johns, and are also making a stop in Belfast Maine on the way home, so looking forward to some good “BCC rendezvous-ing” this summer.

But in the meantime…

Check out the kite cam pic:

Website for movie:

Cool Photo

Really nice view!

Hi Ben - Do you want Ice with that?
Good shot!
The horizon makes the world look pretty small!

BCC Adventure. Hull# 79

Ben you have a ways to go before you see an iceberg, so relax! Incidentally it hasn’t warmed up here yet, its 6 degrees outside. Plenty of woolies and crank up the heater we have braced ourselves for your arrival. Safe travels and fair winds. Let me know how it all goes cos there are lots of great places along the way.

Steward: I suggest you “brace the main” the “Boat that won’t float arrives.”

Steward: I suggest you “brace the main” when the “Boat that won’t float arrives.”

Hello Ben

Great pic and should be a fine assist in locating your first iceberg. Just imagine that the skipper of Tittanic could have prevented with that cam

Fair Winds to the crew of “In Search Off”

SV "Grey Seal