Hello Lanny,
Sounds like you were very efficient in stripping the
bulwarks. 50 hours does’nt sound too bad. I used a single part
polyurethane paint(pettit) on our boat. The varnish was in fair
condition and only had to be stripped in small local areas. The
adheasion was very much intact overall. I layed in an 80 grit pattern
by hand, cleaned well with mineral spirits and applied two coats over
the varnish.
I have had graat sucess with this paint on my homebuilt (wood)
boats and another fiberglass sailboat. I painted the bowsprit and
gallows last year and they still look great.
As far as application. I find that overworking the paint does it
no justice. I usually apply by brushing across the grain then tipping
off with the grain. And just let it flow out on it’s own. Watch for
runs though especially around outside corners. The outside temperature
was around 100deg. with 80-90% humidity. You just have to deal with
it. I find the high temp. preferable to high winds. Easier to keep a
wet edge. I would not try to paint the inside and outside at the same
time. I did the outside first starting with the caprail. Then the
outside bulwark then the inside. Leaving the paint “joint” in a
descrete area. It took about three weeks on and off.
Hope this helps. Good luck