Larger versions of the BCC

could i get one too?
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Someone, a while back asked about larger versions of the BCC or other
Hess designs bigger than 28’.
I have copies of a sales brochure from J&I Boatworks in Huntington Beach for a Hess designed 40’ English Channel Cutter.
Ian Findley of J&I Boatworks was passing these out at the Orange Coast College Sailing Series in January 98. If anyone wishes a copy, I will be happy to email them to you.

I would like a copy also…
Thank You
Steven Osborne

I’m interested info as well.
Earl Ipsen and I sailed Shamrock from Alameda to Half Moon Bay for the Labor Day cruise-out with Ballena Bay Yacht Club. We had a 9 boat raft up, dropped the hook in Clipper cove Saturday, picked up a nice breeze from the gate all the way down to Princeton, motor-sailed into Half Moon Bay. Sunday party at Half Moon Bay YC fun as ever, live band played into the wee hours.
Played blind-mans-bluff in the fog all?the way home on Monday?to the gate at Mile Rock, entered the bay with clear skys, hull speed 6.2 kts.?and weather in the 80’s, what a perfect end to a fantastic weekend.
Special thanks to Rui Lewis at Rooster sails in Alameda, great job repairing our staysail; and to Lia at Monarch Canvas, nothing like a BCC with all the trimmings at anchorage or with all sails flying
Best wishes,
Marty Chin, POC 46, it’s not a BCC, it’s a mother-ship.

There is a lovely article in this months (November) edition of Classic Boat about the new 40’ English Channel Cutter currently building in California .
It is a beautiful big brother to the BCC.
It’s too much boat for me. I sold a Valiant 50 to buy a BCC because it was just too big.
But none-the-less it is a good looking bruiser of a boat.

Also, For those of you who are interested by such things, I am about to replace
Cyrano’s bowsprit with a new one made of all Carbon Fiber. It’s in build now and
should decrease weight by 1/3 and increase various strength parameters by 70%

For those interested: The “Hess” 40’?BCC in California?is looking for those who may be interested??in?taking over this project. Pass this infor on to anyone who may have interest if you will. They may contact

Jim,15 years ago, after I had sailed my BCC all over the Carribbean, (gaff rigged, custom built) I saw the 40’ BCC hull in Southern California and let me tell you, if there is anything more beautiful than a 28’ BCC, it is a 40 footer. It is a BIG boat, though.

Ray Walton

Big is a good word for the Hess 40. Its larger inside than most 52 footers.

Take the displacement and multiply the weight per pound by $15 and you
will have the cost to build not counting the building, advertising and tooling costs.
(for the deck and glass interior parts, shower, head, sinks, engine beds, tanks, etc)

Its a neat and salty boat that would be a perfect home. It was Ian’s bliss for many years.


Hi from Costa Mesa, California…hoping to contact anyone out there in reference to the 40" Lyle Hess BCC…please advise if you have any info available thanks…?