Latest FC News.

As of the last count, we have raised $1,300 - way to go. I would like to raise another $300 to give us a grand total of $1,600. If we can raise $1,600 total, we should be able to fund the site for another 3 years, perhaps 4 years.

I just looked at the titles of recent posts. They included:

Rebuild Ross Progress,

Dodger Coaming Bracket,

WTB Fatty Knees,

32’ Itchen Ferry,

I want a BCC, maybe,

Dodger Windows,

Monitor Water Paddle,


Exhaust, Exhausted (this is the way feel right now)

The list goes on and on.

We are at the point, where I need the users who let other’s carry the ball, to pick up the ball and run with it. So far, about 20 people have donated to keep this site alive on the internet. The BCC and FC forums help maintain the market value of these classic, well made, seaworthy boats. Further, this collective resource provides technical and inspirational support for the Bristol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cutter series. Please help support this site. Donate $5 or $10. You will feel better. Donating to the site also gives you a voice in the future of this site. The site belongs to the donors and Coledata. Thank you John for going beyond good business practices to support this site. We all own you a debt of gratitude. Thank You.

We should also thank Cape George Marine Works for keeping the boat in production, which helps maintain the market value of the boats. As we are all aware the marine business is in a slump and the money, currently is in building big boats.

“That direction of late has been a multi-million dollar 45 footer, but I am personally quite taken with the BCCs and have correspondence with Lyle Hess and Sam Morse going back to my youth as proof (attached below). We have built a CNC router and are currently setting up to digitize the bulkhead and interior panels for more efficient production, using our hull number one as a test bed. I assure you our enthusiasm hasn’t waned, please just keep us in the loop.” Todd Uecker, Cape George Marine Works. Thank you Todd.

I suspect we will be hearing more from Cape George.

If you have not donated, please donate now and become part of this invaluable website.

Thanks to all who have supported this site.

Fair Winds Shipmates,