Leaky Dorades

I have some pretty serious leaks on Jolly Dolphin (#3) coming from the Dorades. I believe it was the cause of the need for having veneer replaced prior to my purchase. Could someone tell me if the factory finished dorades had a dual baffle system? That is there is a baffle at the top of the dorade in the aft (just forward of intake) portion that forces air (and thus driving water) flow down so the back forward bottom baffle will work better to prevent water coming through. I have read that this system is pretty efficient fix if there is only a single baffle. I am aware the only sure way to keep water out a dorade is to cap it:-)

Jolly D just had her bright work done and I am finding it nerve racking to have to tap out the bungs to unscrew the boxes to make the fix. Any suggestions?

I have a relatively significant split/crack and separation in the forward portion of the sliding companion way hatch. To properly fix it I will need to either epoxy/fiberglass tape her and add a teak trim or take the slide out and epoxy/tape/fair it out and paint. The question is what is the BEST way to take the sliding hatch out? It seems that you have to take off either side teak slider/runner off and again I hate to think of popping and replacing all the bungs and building the finish back up…I know “welcome to boat ownership” :slight_smile: