Leeboard Fitting for Cherub

I have a Cherub dinghy, and need a replacement for the fitting that went into the oar lock and held the leeboard in place. Mine fell off one night while anchored… shame, shame on me. Anyway, I miss sailing the boat and wonder if anyone knows where I might find such a fitting.

Kevin, It appears that no one else has the answer to your question so I will explain where you can find it. We used a Sabbot (not sure of the spelling) dinghy bracket. We had to have it machined to fit over the oarlock to prevent it from turning. I suspect you can find the bracket on line and use a hacksaw to cut out the part to make it set over the oarlock. If you have any questions let me know


Thanks for getting back to me. I was actually looking at retrofitting a Sabbot lee board fitting so I guess I was on the right track. I think I remember how it was cut away to fit over the oarlock, so I’ll give your hacksaw trick a try. By the way, this thing is really a lean mean little sailing machine. Nice Job!