Let''s put things in perspective

Before lines get drawn in the sand, let's all look back on what RogueWave has done for us.  Perhaps, Kate's intentions are being misread.  I have known Kate as well as Bernie for four years and true they run a business but they love sailing and they both love the BCC.  Further, RogueWave is one of the few brokerages that is enthusiastic about selling pre-owned BCC's for a strong market value.  Kate and Bernie have sponsored two BCC Rendezvous on the Chesapeake Bay.  The last one was not cheap.  How many brokerages would foot a bar bill for 50 plus people and spend countless hours traveling and meeting with the marina/resturant owner to organize the Rendezvous?  How many brokers would sail 100 miles single-handed to attend a rendezvous?  I suspect very few, if any.  RogueWaves specializes in marketing high end pre-owned boats but they still promote the BCC in a market that is defined by Hunter, Catalina and Beneteau.   As to seeking out investors for the Sam L. Morse company, that statement is true.
Sam L. Morse has built the BCC and continues to stay in business in a very difficult market where $200K buy's a new 40 plus foot production boat that is spacious, easy to sail and fast. You may say, "These production boats are not of the same quality or seaworthiness as the BCC."  True, but how many boats leave the marina or go offshore - very few.   If anyone believes there is a big profit margin in a BCC, think again.  All the past owners of Sam L. Morse will tell you, they build the boats because they love the boats.
We need to show our appreciation of what these two company have done for the BCC owners instead drawing a line in the sand.
Drawing a line in the sand will not help either Sam L. Morse Compay or RogueWave.  Perhaps one could construe there would be a conflict of interest if there were a web link between Sam L. Morse company and RogueWave.   As long as the boat is in production, it helps BCC owners sell their boats and as long as we have brokerages, such as RogueWave ,selling pre-owned boats at a strong market valve, I believe both BCC owners and Sam L. Morse company benefit.
The BCC Discussion forum can still exist along with a Sam L. Morse sponsored discussion forum.  There are advantages to both but someone will have to volunteer to act as a forum moderator for the SLM Forum - a time consuming job.  Jeremy and Nica have done an outstanding job as moderators of the forum and webmasters of the BCC web page.  Unless you have run a website, you have no idea how much work is involved.  When I ran the Flicka Website, I recieved and answered about 1,500 E-mails per year as well has continually updating the site with new material - a full time job.
Let's help these two companies instead of picking which side of the line we stand on.
Fair Winds,