Life Lines

Is anyone using 3 strand for life lines? How do you attach upper and lower life lines to the cranse iron? At the gates and boom gallows I can sieze an eye splice to an eye nut. Up forward maybe a thimble plus shackle? Or just seize an eye splice to a shackle on the cranse iron?

any guidance most appreciated.

Rose 76

Hi David, FWIW we use 3-strand for our lifelines and like them quite a bit. I slid a thimble through an eye on the cranse iron and then eye-spliced on to the thimble in place. Then I threaded the line through the stanchions back to the boom gallows, cinched it tight with a trucker’s hitch and tied it off. We eliminated the gates altogether and just step over the lifeline. cheers, Ray

We use Spunflex (Roblon) three-strand for our lifelines. Instead of using eye-splices and thimbles, we use butt-splices to splice rings or shackles into the rope. See Brio Toss’ books.

Here is what I do. I am just getting ready to add mine, I will splice the lifeline to the small ring.

Good photo. So you’re saying my turnbuckles are on the wrong end :slight_smile:

Hmm … makes sense to put the extra weight of turnbuckles as far aft, and as close to the vessel’s center of gravity, as possible.

Consider, for each of the two possible locations of the turnbuckles, multiplying the mass of the turnbuckle by the distance forward of the Center of Gravity.

The two turnbuckles have a small mass. But near the cranse iron they’re a long way forward from the C of G (which is, at least for a standard Sam L Morse Co BCC, aft of the mast and close to the plane of the divider in the bookshelf).

That’s like me feeling jolly good about my BCC, Lyle C. Hess, and Sam L. Morse every time I look at her tapered mast - and compare it to more expensive boats found in every anchorage and marina that have simple untapered mast extrusions. Good reasons for that taper, in terms of reducing mass from the extremities.



I also like having them aft – so I can adjust them from deck :slight_smile: