List To Port

I mentioned to Douglas off list the other day I had a port list which I could figure no reason for. I hadn’t moved any gear, or taken on any liquids. He said he developed a list to port as he drew down his water tanks. I suppose this is what’s happening to me…

Anyone else experience this phenomenon? Doesn’t make sense to me – I thought the tanks were on centerline?!

Oh, I just thought of another variable… I actually HAVE BEEN taking on liquids…via my holding tank. I’m not sure if that’s on centerline or not, haven’t inspected that tank installation yet… saving that for a special occasion.

Anyway, anyone else experience a port list as water tanks draw down - sounds more plausible to me then the holding tank.

Hi Ben, The Bristol Channel cutter was designed so that all major weight was on the centerline (Fuel, water, holding tank, anchor chain). What I have discovered is that if there is a list, it is normally to starboard. This will depend on how many batteries are installed under the quarterberth and if they have a eutectic tank in the refrigerator. This all adds more weight to starboard. To have a port list is not normal. Do you have any special additions to port that would cause this list? Check how much stuff do you have in the port cockpit locker, if you have one. Are your port lockers filled with beer cans and dry goods to starboard…I know you don’t drink beer but you get the idea. I will be curious to hear what is causing your port list. One last question, how do you know you have a port list?


Yeah interesting… Funny thing is that I didn’t move anything around, and this list developed slowly. Only thing I can figure is that I used water in my tank. My holding tank was installed by PO, so I’ll have to check that installation location.

What I don’t carry in Beer, I’m making up for with my ridiculous variety of paints & varnishes :wink:

3 Group 31’s are to starboard under 1/4 berth, one Group 31 is in engine room to port of 40 gallon fuel tank. Tools, hardware and paint are scattered throughout the boat to try and offset the batteries a bit, as well as keep weight out of the bow.

The telltale sign of the list to port is the door to the forepeak… it always wants to close… but I can also see it when peering out the companionway at the taffrail… its listing obviously, and the waterline is noticably lower on one side.

Anyway - It’s no big deal, I moved a tubby full of painting stuff to the 1/4 berth and she leveled enough for me. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this phenomenon.


Hmmm. Funny you should mention this. Godspeed has a small list to port as well. Its been this way forever, but doesn’t really bother me at all. I have a gimballed lamp attached to the bulkhead just forward of the mast. The lamp is slightly off track. Not much though.

I noticed once that my halyards, when hanging loose, hung down to the deck slightly off center. I remember removing the standing rigging and noticing they still dropped off center. So, if the weight in the boat is even, my thinking is that either the mast step is off or the deck opening is off or the mast is slightly bent, although I can see no side bending at all.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

If the mast is off center, you could determine this by measuring from the center of the mast ring to each side of the boat.

The other possibility is the boat’s hull is not symmetrical, i.e. when the lines were lofted to build the male plug, the lines could be off by an 1/8" or 1/4." This is not uncommon in boat construction.

I believe our boat has a slight list to port also. Regardless it sails “like a sea witch.”