Lite Propane Cylinder

Semi-transparent propane tanks - $90 for a 20 lb tank.

This is neat. Are you buying one Rod? I need to get OPD valves for my tanks as well as inspection, so I thought I might just buy new tanks… I think the cost will be almost the same… these are certainly intriguing.

I also heard some stories about filling propane in the caribe or other far off places… that sometimes you need the older valve style to get them refilled…


At this point in time, no. IDUNA’s 20 lb tanks are horizontally mounted, the Lite tanks are vertical tanks. Horizontal tanks are OPD exempt - Code of Federal Regulations.

There is nothing wrong with the old style valve. The key to filling tanks without OPD valves is to open the vent valve. When liquid propane starts to spit out the vent valve, the tank is full. Industrial LPG tanks do not have OPD valves. Why do we have OPD valves? It’s because LPG service personal (usually summer help at marinas) were not trained how to properly fill the tank, hence a few blew up and hurt/killed a few people. The vent valve is either on the tank or in the main valve. If it’s in the main valve, it is a small screw that just needs to be backed off to open the valve. Never let anyone fill a tank with an old style valve unless they open the vent valve.

If you want to upgrade your LPG valves with OPD valves, go to a weld shop that fills industrial propane tanks, i.e. forklift tanks. It should cost you about $20-$25 per valve. Make sure your tank is empty. They also sell regulators - less than $25. These are the same as the Trident regulators the Evil Empire sells.

On a closing note, I just purchased a Frigoboat refrigeration unit with flat plate evaporator and keel-cooler condenser. As I mentioned in another thread, I do not want refrigeration but finding good clear block ice is become almost impossible. Based on a 2.2 cu ft ice box and 5-6" of insulation, amp-hr consumption should be between 10-14 amp-hr/day. It takes about 20 BTU’s to keep our iceboxes (per icebox) cold on a humid 95 F day.

The number of problems on a boat is proportional to 2 raised to the “n” power where “n” is the number of systems aboard. The number “n” will be increased by 1 next spring.

Fair Winds,



Zygote has found herself in jurisdictions where the OPD valves do puzzle the locals, to the point that small scale fill stations refuse to fill the tanks. Going to a larger scale fill station (ie an LPG distributor rather than the marina fuel pontoon or the closest fuel stop) has usually solved the problem.

We’re also not the first cruisers to find jurisdictions that use a different standard for tank connections. And not a few locations have the business model of swapping empty tanks for full (ie not filling consumers’ tanks). Carrying a spare pigtail and decanting from one tank to another has been our workaround for both problems.

For Rod: thanks for highlighting the Lite tanks. Intriguing. I’ll explore them if/when I need to replace my present aluminum tanks.