Location of 'stuff' in engine compartment

First thanks for the replies on my re-power thread. Did some measuring and am going ahead with a new Yanmar 3YM30. Current location of Racor and water strainer will need to change and I need to mount a coolant tank … I am wondering where this stuff is located on other boats and if others have interesting ideas on efficient use of the space back there. My current preference is to leave the space to port (and access to it) available for spares etc. I am considering mounting some sort of short removable bulkhead aft of engine forward of fuel tank on which to hang stuff. Pictures welcome.


PS Let me know if you are interested in a working 1982 Volvo MD7A contact me off list.

Hello Friends,

I know this thread is old and did not generate any discussion. However, I am planning to repower Little Wing with a new engine (Yanmar 3YM30AE). In preparing the engine compartment and bilge area, I wanted to know if my fellow BCC owners and past owners would be willing to share some photos of their engine compartments. I have a great opportunity to relocate the water strainers, battery charger, etc. after removing the engine. I am attaching some photos of the engine compartment with the old engine in it and the blank canvass where the engine will go.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Note: I am planning on adding the dual Racor 500 filters and that will fit nicely where the old water strainers were located on the starboard side of the compartment. Thanks in advance for your help.


More photos