Looking for a BCC Genoa, Yankee or Jib

Looking for a BCC headsail in usable condition.

Anybody got a “backup” sail they’re willing to part with?

Ahoy Greg , I may have a BCC Yankee and Stay sail that are hank on , I also have a set of Profurl furlers , one for Jib and one for Staysail with their stays and sails too , all little used . I will re-check today .

If Greg is not interested in the furlers. I have been considering the switch from hanks I would like to talk to you about them.


Eric Pomber

Thank you!

I’ve got a Harken which takes a #6 luff tape. Can’t remember if Profurl takes a #5 or #6.

Hank on would work too, but I’d have to disassemble the furler.

Thanks again for checking.

Ahoy Eric and Greg , After digging out my available sails this is what I have left over from my BCC ,

  1. Yankee Jib by Hood in good shape with luff tape for the Pro Furl furler.

  2. Yankee Jib by Skip Elliot in need of some re-stitching gusset near clew fits Pro Furl .

  3. Staysail by Skip Elliot in fair shape fits the Pro Furler .

  4. Trisail for main track and Storm Jib with hanks for hank on .

The two Pro Furl units with their 1 X 19 SS stays, one for Jib and one for Staysail .

Currently Iam located in Port Townsend , WA and you can send me a “PM” on this forum for pics or further info .

Might be interested in the storm sail for the main track, can you pm me with cost and condition.

I am having trouble getting the pm to work. You can reach me at epomber@comcast.net.I would like to know more about the furriers.



I’m not sure if PM is working.

Douglas, you can email me at gpkline@gmail.com

I’m interested in one of the Yankees.

Hi Douglas,

I’m not getting a response via private messages either. Could you please contact me at dereklundy@shaw.ca. Would appreciate more info. on your storm jib.

thanks, Derek
BCC 23 “Gertrud”

I’ve also got a

130 Genoa & a Yankee for Hood Seafurl on the bowsprit

Staysail for Hood Seafurl

If someone is interested, they are all in good condition with telltales and pretty clean, but could use new sacrificial sun covers. I’d like to convert to hank-on sails, so the Hood Seafurl for the bowsprit and stailsail stay are also for sale along with the 3 sails.

Please contact me or email madbull (at gmail) .com

I have a tanbark, 100%, 8 oz.genoa with leechcord and #5 luff tape(Profurl is usually #6 but #5 is secure and so much easier to hoist and douse). Has a Toast color sunstrip and has seen about 3 seasons of use. Had it looked over by a good loft and 1 or 2 very small patches sewn. Luff-37.33, Leech-32.0, Foot-20.5. Very good condition, located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Asking $500, PM to funforay@hotmail.com if you would like to comm off site. Cheers, Ray