Looking good, waiting for sunshine

Shamrock’s blisters are history and she now has 3 new layers of fiberglass and epoxy. New Spartan seacocks and Groco mushroom thru-hulls and hoses, propeller shaft, cutlass, R & D drive coupling went in this week. We have one coat of the interlux Interprotect 2000 applied, we need to wait until the weather clears to apply the last barrier coat and first coat of bottom paint in the same day.

I found out where Crystaliner put the extra layers of gelcoat, we had some rather nasty scrapes in the topside on the port side and a few small chunks knocked out down to the fiberglass. May be a slight exageration, but the gelcoat looked to be close to 1/8" think. It seems someone in the past forgot to put out the fenders and took a nasty shot at the dock comming in.

Hats off the the folks at Svendsen’s Marine in Alameda. They did some light sanding to remove most of the light scratches, polished the damaged area. Although I wasn’t around to watch them do the actual repair to the gelcoat, I did have a chance to watch Bill-the lead fiberglass technician (sorry Bill, forgot your last name) mix the gelcoat and adjust the color to match. I watched as bill did the mixing and color matching, that afternoon it rained, next day it was dry and the damaged was filled and the hull was covered with Green PVA mold release. The next day, tried as I might, I couldn’t tell where the repair was done. Flawless workmanship, Bill definately has an eye for color.

As for me, I’m still trying to get the color of my socks to match.

Next sunny day the buffer comes out and Shamrock get a shiney new topside.

Best wishes to all,

Marty Chin

We launched Shamrock Monday, 48 days after we hauled an began work repairing blisters, she now sports 3 new layer of epoxy and E-glass, barrier coat and trinidad red bottom paint. We took off the sails and boom in preparation for pulling the mast and cutting the base, decided to hold off as it has some corrosion, but not enough to warrant doing it this year.

There is nothing compared to the feel of water under the keel and the sound of waves lapping against the hull to put a big smile on your face.

Put the boom and sails back up, ran into a snag hoisting the staysail, profurl, luff tape looks new, but UV must have worked its way down under the sailcover and it shreaded the first foot of the luff tape, off to Rooster Sail for a new luff tape. New luff tape is better, bolt rope is first sewn to the rope to keep it from sliding inside the luff tape and there is more clearance between the bolt rope and the sail to stop the sail from binding on the profurl extrusion- going sailing Saturday. :{)