Lyle Hess Rememberance Rendezvous 2004

We just got interviewed by a great writer who is going to publish a profile of Lyle Hess in the May issue of Good Old Boat Magazine, our magazine of choice if we had only one.
We are thinking a lot about Lyle. We also visited with Lin and Larry at the Atlantic City Boat Show and talked about Lyle. We want to have a chance to remember a truly great man who few of us know much about. We'd like to make a big reunion for all the people around who own a Lyle Hess design vessel.
What if we all gather either in September or perhaps better, at Boat Show in October. We  would invite Lin and Larry to come and inspect your boats. We can have  Bob Perry show up...did you know he has a 40-foot BCC on the boards for anyone interested in moving up to the bigger perfect boat. Or maybe Sumio will raffle off a free BCC?
By my count, we have six BCCs on the Bay, three Nor'Sea, and a few in New England whose owners could at least show up by land.
BCCs...Sirius, Iduna, Aloha, Calypso, Mimi (with a new owner), Itchen, McNab,  And at least three Nor'Sea...maybe four or five.
Let's get to know Lyle Hess. He was probably the move forward thinking of the designers of his time and it all works in this time. Hey...just coming to Annapolis at Boat Show is cool and how great is it to hook up with everyone at the same time.
So...who among you are inspired about this idea?
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