lyle hess tribute weekend

Hello all:


Calypso here.  We are working and working to get the boat done by the weekend of the 25th of September so we can join everyone at Veras . . . as our work is weather dependent and still much undone, I am writing with a bizarre request . . .


If anyone has any room onboard (on deck!) and would contemplate having extra people crash, could you let me know?  We are 4 and couldnt really split it up more than 2 and 2 (we have 2 kids under 6).


Or, if anyone has spare time and wants to help paint and sand a hull (or put deck fittings back on), we are at Deagles in Deltaville!


Alternatively, Kate, do you have any nearby lodging suggestions?  Wed just love being on a boat and being a part of things!


I am hoping that by asking Ill get lots of responses and Murphys Law will have it that Calypso is done and launched.  Hah!


Cheers to all, and well see you one way or another in September.



Calypso, BCC #6