Mailing to the Forum

A few important points to remember:

Currently any post incoming via mail which is not a reply, is automatically posted top level in the default forum. That is currently the BCC FORUM. We are looking for a solution to that.

Reply messages MUST quote at least the first six lines of the message to which the reply is addressed, in particular the line labeled Link which contains the link address. Without that line in the new message the reply will end up posting top level as a new subject.

Messages will post as plain text only. However attachments can be included, and if they meet the types allowed in the forum, they will be processed and posted with the message. They will not be remailed, however email the message will include links to the attachments. You may include up to 5 attachments per message.

BBCode will function in the message, however it will show up in the email as it’s plain text format.

To address new messages, send to

For replies just click the reply button in your email agent.

Messages will take approximetely 5 minutes to be added to the forum from the time they are received by our server.

Why do we only allow mails as plain text? If you consider those people who are cruising, and their only e-mail link is Airmail or Seamail, then a plain text message doesn’t eat up their time and battery resources with unnecessary coding.