double braid, sta-set or… what are you using for mainsheet?

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

While we are on the subject – I always get my main sheet twisted up after a few days sailing. Havent figured out how to stop that twist.

does your double block swivel? if so, you could try seizing it with monel.

Double braid is right there with Stainless steal for things I hate on boats.

Double braid is the toughest line to handle. It is always kinking or developing assholes. One way around this is to flake the line in a figure 8. It does have the least amount of stretch. But for multi-part sheets that is really not a factor unless your a serious racer.

3 strand is much easier to handle and does not kink etc nearly as much as double braid. Plus it looks very shippy. Also very easy to splice, but that should not be a factor for sheets.

The best line I think is a Dacron multi-plait line. Soft, supple and does NOT kink no matter what you do to it. always runs easy. Just not as shippy looking as 3 strand.

I will be replacing my main sheet in the near future and will be using 3 strand.

I concur with Gary about rope. The marketing departments have sold us hype. Three-strand or multi-plait is the way to go.

i’m trying to order the line tonight. any chance you know the length of your mainsheet? mine should be close to that.

thanks for taking the time to reply.

Check out PHD Racer a single braid from Yale… strong,soft hand,low stretch, winch grippy, runs free and easy to splice.

96’per BCC specs

jo anne… we expect some photos soon. Or we will be forced to extract your fingernails one at a time.

SEACAP: Extract fingernails is cruel and unusually punishment. Slowly sinking the boat while the owner watches is more humane.

We want photos!


k- just so we’re clear, i prefer to send the photos.:slight_smile:

so for all my talk about "what’s the best mainsheet material "… i’m ready for my first sail after two years on the hard. no mainsheet. i grabbed some old 3 strand anchor line, cut my self a section and off we went. just gotta say what a sweet sailing boat! i honestly never imagined that she would be as much fun to sail as she is to look at. what a blast! you guys have been having a lot of fun on the down low for the last two years while i’ve been sitting high and dry. well, no more. i’m in it now.

for all my talk about “what’s the best material for mainsheet”…after 2 years on the hard … ready for the first sail and no mainsheet. i grabbed a used 3 strand anchor line, cut myself a section and off we went.

what a sweet sailing boat! as delicious to sail as to look at. well i’m in it now and what a pleasure.

thanks for the help along the way.

so i was all chatty about “what’s the best material for mainsheet” and after two years on the hard i’m ready for my inaugural sail and guess what-no mainsheet . i grabbed a 3strand anchor line, cut a length and off we went.

since you guys have been keeping the sailing qualities of lyle hess’ boats on the DL, it was fun to discover that little pearl’s sailing qualities are as delicious as she is to look at. what a sweet sailing boat! SWEET!

so i guess this means i am all in.

thanks for the help along the way.

3 strand anchor line.jpg

Oh So Glad that you are enjoying your boat , at last . Lyle did know that his design efforts paid great dividends to us few fortunate owners. We all love him for that .

Such nice news that you are out sailing on the 4th of July .

We hope to hear of the great times that you are having sailing your boat .

Congratulations !

jo Ann:

Congratulation. The Falmouth 22 and 26 reportedly sail better than the BCC. Regardless, enjoy, enjoy. You earned it.


just a quick update to the group. based on david’s recommendation, i purchased Phd cruiser cordage for my mainsheet. it has been in use for six months and it’s kinks no kinks no kinks. it’s strong and very soft on my dainty hands!
thank you one and all.

Best wishes to all in this New Year!