Mast Color

Does anyone know the awlgrip color that was used on the later production BCC’s?

I had my mast repainted last year with awlgrip. I have BCC 108. The color is a perfect match to the hull.

If BCC 108 is a later production BCC, let me know and I’ll call the boat yard to get the color.

s/v Godspeed

AwlGrip Cream is what I put on my Bulwarks and top of mast, it close, but not exact.
Roger Olsen told me there was a special color mixed by Sterling, which is the paint he used on later model BCCs called BCC Ivory. I tried to get it, but they no longer offer it.

Certainly Awlgrip Cream would do the job on the mast… but IIRC the mast is typically whiter than the hull right?

Yes, the mast is slightly lighter in color than the hull. I had a quart of Sterling BCC Ivory and did the lower 8 feet. There was a slight color mismatch. It could have been that the old paint was faded but its hard to say. So, I had the entire mast and boom done with Awlgrip Cream.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

Awlgrip Cream it is. Thanks everyone!