Mast Lights and part numbers

The lens for the mast head tri-color is an Aqua-Signal with a white all around anchor light, the same lens is used for the tri-color with a strobe. Ours is a lightly older style light, with a base and bayonet electrical socket that screws to the mast head, and stays with the mast when removing the light. There are two push buttions near the base which releases the upper assembly.

The upper assembly, has a black base, seal and locking ring, which lock the lens to the upper base assembly. Please save the seal and locking ring, the new lense does not come with these parts.

Our boat is equipped with a redundant back up system, mast head tri-color and lower bowpulpit red/green Bi-color and a stern light (white).
The part number for the complete Aqua-signal tri-color assembly is: AQS 40700-7
The part number for the Aqua-Signal tri-color lense is: AQS 40710-1
The part number for the 25 watt tri-color bulb and the lower red/green is:AQS 90002-7
The part number for the 10 watt mast head all around light/anchor light and the stern white light is: AQS 90005-7.
The part number for the complete Aqua-Signal Bi-color bow pulpit light is: AQS 41100-7
The part number for the stern white light lens only is: AQS 25510-1.

Steaming light and spreader lights are Forespar products. Naturally, the original Forespar light are no longer made, the replacement lights are available through distributors. The old steaming light is a steaming light only, the new steaming light also includes a 20 watt foredeck light. Spreader light a also 20 watt halogen lights.

The new lights will not fit the footprint for the former lights. All our old light were drill and tapped to the mast, we sealed and reinserted the screws to seal the holes. The new lights have a larger foot print, requiring drill and tapping to fit the new lights.

We also replaced the two single conductor wires for the steaming light with a three conductor wire to make use of the additional foredeck light incorporated in the new steaming light, adding breakers in the distribution panel to seperate lights.

Despite having to drill and tap for mounting all these lights 30’ up the mast, all went well and we are very satisfied with the job; we now have 60 watts of deck lighting, covering both side and foredeck.

Our hat is off to the guys and gals at Forespar, they made significant improvement in making these new light water proof and a breeze to change bulbs.

The Forespar part numbers are: Mast combo steaming/foredeck light: FPS 132000 Light, mast mount deck light: FPS 131000

Best Wishes,
Marty Chin
BCC Shamrock 92