Mast Removal

Svendsens Marine has a check list of things you as an owner should and can do prior to having you mast unstepped (removed). Please follow the check list as it will save you considerable time and money.

The list is basically:

  1. Remove your sails.
  2. Remove your Boom.
  3. Wrap tape around the threaded portion of your turnbuckles to show where the turnbuckles were before the rig was loostened.
  4. Remove the cotter pins inside the turn buckles.
  5. Straighten the cotter pins at the chain plates to make them easy to remove, do not remove them.
  6. Remove the turnbuckle cotter pins in the dolphin striker turn buckles and slacken tension of the dolphin striker to relieve downward tension of the bowsprit.
  7. Secure all lines to respective components, roller reefing lines to the drum, halyards to the mast.
  8. If you have the conventional dinnet table, remove it. Remove the interior mast collar-teak trim. Loosten the mast boot, make sure it comes free.
  9. If you have anything attached to the mast on the interior of the boat remove this as well, ours had a 1/4-20 drain bolt, even this will catch when clearing the cabin top.
  10. Disconnect all wires at the base of the mast, good time to check wiring for corrosion in connections. If you have an older mast examine and plan on replacing wiring and light fixtures as necessary. If you have any easy pilflerable item like a quick disconnect masthead tricolor remove and store it.
  11. With a hand bilge pump and small suction tube, pump any remaining water out of the the mast through the wiring hole at the base of the mast. Replace the water with penetrating oil of your chosing. Have 1/2" thick oil asorbent pads ready to catch the oil as the mast step comes free.
  12. Remove the hatches around the mast.

We have a Forespar aluminum mast and step with 4 bolts securing it to the hull. The typical proceedure is to unscrew the bolts and lift the mast, with a sledge hammer and a block of wood against the mast step they drive the step from the mast. If you did not remove the dinner table, it is now in the way and probably getting banged up! This is a tough job and the yard guys need fighting room, so remove the table.

Best wishes,