masthead/deck light

i have to replace an old perko deck light and a masthead light(mfg unknown). i found the perko. seems a shame to replace it with a similiar since it is made out of chrome over crud. that being said i did find a masthead led made from bebi electronics- it’s reasonable at 39.60. i am unfamilar with the brand. any of you have experience with these guys?

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

I have a light from Bebi out in the South Pacific. I have this one:

It is very bright. They are nice homemade LEDs fixtures. Go for it - seems like a cool outfit to me.



bummer about theresa’s engine. hope it coming along ok.

best of luck


if i inverted it, do you think the cockpit light you have would serve as a deck light installed under the masthead light?

A decklight? I think you mean to illuminate the deck for working at night. No, this light has no direction to it. You would need a directional beam type of light I think.

yep, that’s what i meant.

I bought one of the Bebi Electronic LED lights some years ago. I use it as a cockpit light and anchor light. I mounted it in a small jar and made a bracket for it to mount on one of the supports for the wind generator. It makes a great anchor light and lights up the cockpit just enough for sailing or when anchored. I really have been glad to have that light.

Ron Thompson

Ho’okahiko 97