Mintaka II

Was looking at picture of Mintaka II interior shot. I have questions regarding the salon table measurements, distance of forward end of table to heater, table to bulkhead (heater thickness), what make model of heater (looks like Sigmar 100). Is there enough room between the port table aft corner and the Navigation table to get in to sit down with the gable leaf up? Is the table a custom or off the shelf unit and how stable is it if you throw your weight against it in a seaway? How is the table secured to the cabinsole?

Was thinking it would be nice to relocate the heater lower and to an unused area where your heater is located and close in the stock shelf arrangement where our Force 10 is presently located and add a small locker.



IDUNA’s table measures 29 3/4" W by 39 3/4" L with the table leaf folded out. The main table is 17 3/4" W by 39 3/4" L. The folding leaf is 12" W by 30 1/4" L. The main table is hinged to an amidships counter top located forward on the port side and butting up against the amidships bulkhead. The width of counter is 22" and spans the area from the port side of the cabin to the mast. When the table is folded up, the upper part of the table rests against the forward side of the cabin house, i.e. the counter top is located in the area just forward of the front of the cabin house and under the deck area of the main saloon - see images at BCC Gallery.

IDUNA has two settees. The starboard settee is straight, whereas the port settee is L shaped. The half bulkhead separating the galley from the saloon serves as the back rest for the short leg of the L-settee.

When the table is folded down, the main table fills the open space formed by the L-settee. Support for the table is one leg under the main section of the table. When the leaf is folded out, it extends to the starboard settee. We normally seat 4 people around the table with comfort and use the counter top mentioned above to hold the serving dishes and wine, i.e. a serving vanity. We have entertained up to three sailors and the two of us with comfort - two to each side of the table and one seated on the short leg of the L-settee.

In the warm glow of IDUNA’s kerosene lanterns, good company and food plus wine, IDUNA is a happy ship. Roger Olsen and friends enjoyed an evening aboard IDUNA in the early fall of 2003. He is a great sailor and person.

I just posted 10 images of IDUNA’s saloon table.

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The images of IDUNA’s folding table are posted in the Projects Gallery, p.2.