Mobile Bay, Alabama

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation on Marinas in Mobile Bay, Alabama. I’ll likely be taking Godspeed down there in the near future and was looking for a place to keep her.

Thanks very much,
Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

HI Mark:?There is a very cute little marina (well-protected, too) in Ocean Springs, MS, which might be fun. We kept our boat there while we drove back to Houston in the fall of 1994 and were very impressed.

I think (if I remember right) it is the Ocean Springs Municipal Marina.

Certainly a place to be if you can’t be around to make sure all is great all the time.?

I am sorry to hear you are leaving the Chesapeake (not that we got to see you!).

On your way south, make sure to visit the Dry Tortugas worth a detour!?

All the best,

You may want to check out the town of Fair Hope, Alabama.?


There are several nice marinas here in Mobile Bay.
I can recommend Fly Creek and Eastern Shore marinas on
the Eastern Shore. Both allow liveaboards with rates
running about $5 ft. per month plus a liveaboard fee
of $90 and $60 respectively. We are in Fly Creek and
really like it. Walking distance (3/4 mile) to
downtown Fairhope with grocerys, great public library
and upscale shopping (a little touristy).

On the western side of the bay are the Dog River
marinas…not as nice and not near anything without a

One problem right now is the overflow of boats from
the Orange Beach and Gulf Shore areas that lost their
slips/marinas in hurricane Ivan. Slips are hard to
find but not impossible.

If you want to give me an idea of when you expect to
arrive I can look around for you if that will help.

Stan hull#22 Waxwing


Is the $5/ft/mo. based on LOA or LOD?

Is the liveaboard fee per month or per year??Our marina charges by the slip foot - $100/slip ft/year or $4,000 per year for our BCC. The rate is for floating docks, 24 hr. security, parking lot, fully equipped health club with indoor poor and jacuzzi (towels and shower soap included) as well as a well managed and maintained marina plus a Baltimore newspaper everyday.

Hum, me thinks we have a bargain.?

Fair Winds,

We’re a little more laid back here on the redneck riviera. You can
expect to pay for length overall of boat although I am only paying
for length on deck at Fly Creek Marina because I’m friends with the
manager. So our costs are $2,760 for the year.

The liveaboard fee is monthly and you provide your own soap and
towels for the shower. There is no jacuzzi and parking is available
and free but not necessarily right next to the boat. It does include
power and water when it is working and you don’t need security. This
is the south and everyone is armed.


Thanks for the info everyone!! Stan, you sound like you
are near the area. We’re actually moving to Birmingham, and
Mobile Bay will be a nice place to keep Godspeed near the
warm green water of the Gulf of Mexico. No sure when we’ll
move Godspeed, but I’ll definitely contact you for more
info when we get closer to the date.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed