Monitor Wind Vane

I’ve had a Monitor Wind Vane on my BCC for nine years years now. I’ve used
it on several offshore passages, and it has performed flawlessly. The key
to good performance is good sail trim. It’s especially important to
minimize weather helm and reef a bit earlier than you might normally. From
looking at the pictures on their web site, it looks like Calypso had a
Monitor while cruising the Carribbean. It would be interesting to hear what
Jeremy and Nica have to say about it’s performance.

Geary Smith, Caylin #94

Nica here.  I was thinking about responding when I read Gerry’s letter . . .

We LOVE our Monitor.  It came the best possible way (as a part of the boat
purchase) and we promptly installed it and used it in all conditions, in all
areas . . . it never failed us.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I’d
guess Jeremy will add his two cents later, but it was fabulous.


Nica Waters, BCC #6 Calypso