Monitor windvane for BCC

There is a completely rebuilt Monitor for sale at the Texas boaters Resale shop in Kemah that came off our BCC. Complete mounting hardware is included and it’s ready to sail.

Gee Gosh Whisper , I need a Monitor wind Vane Paddle , but not the whole unit …

So if you find a buyer for that unit “sans” (if that is the correct word) , that they don’t require the water paddle , I am interested to purchase that paddle !

My original Monitor was destroyed in the Asian Tsunami of Dec 2004 , and I purchased a replacement unit from a boating friend who was selling his boat and departing , but needed enough cash to purchase a plane ticket back home a win / win for both of us .

Low and behold , a heap of my equipment including 2 ss water paddles were ripped off from my storage unit in Malaysia , turned into ss scrap we expect , those thiefs didn’t know how much trouble they caused me nor did they care , those , ???

O k , so we should not leave home and go cruising if we don’t expect losses of our equipment , but really , just how many mouths did my two ss water paddles feed ? and for how long ? Or was it just a couple of quick herion jabs for those who imbibe , that stole my water paddles ???

Am I pissed ? Of course , I am , as they stole so much more of my stuff , about Est $ USD 9,000.00 of it !!!

So , right now I need a Monitor Water Paddle , if anyone of our group , has a lead , I would be interested .

I expect to be in the US ( Phoenix , AZ ) in November and could purchase it then

if one is available .

Douglas , BCC Calliste , Singapore

hI Douglas, Thhis unit will be sold whole, I’m sure, but it begs the question…what would be the cast to have one built where you are? when we were in Turkey, anything stainless could be built for cheap and the quality was very good. Makes me wonder if you couldn’t find a comparable fix somewhere near you. Probably no help but had to throw it out there. Have you contacted Scanmar directly to see if they know of a paddle for private sale?

Hi Whisper , T Y for the two v good tips, I will look into both.

I did a heap of research to find out why SS got rusty , My first Monitor vane looked like a rusty oil derick after my open ocean 27 day passage from Honolulu to Seattle.

Later finding out that my earlier Monitor was fabricated of 304 SS after installing the newer model had much less of rusting, my queries found out the newer model was fabricated of 316 SS .

SS welders here in S’pore are very expensive , few and far between, and if you can find a shop, the que is ever so long, and of course they won’t use the higher quality alloys that I prefer. So, I hadn’t yet considered fabricating a replacement paddle here , but like I had to do fabricating my new mast, had to re-design each fitting to be a bolt together item, instead of welding so much of it together as Forespar does .

My first next step would be to contact Scanmar . Maybe if I can get to Newport Beach this fall , I would go and check with some used boat equipment shops , like “Minnies” .

I think you’re on to something there, Douglas. Looking at how the paddle is built and thinking about the loads, I’m sure you could fab up something that would do the job nicely. Good luck