more pics

Raining today, so I can’t paint the bottom, sitting here playing on the
Ever wonder about careening the BCC? She sits pretty far over and
down by the nose. Water just laps over the bulwark This was in
Georgia, in an unbouyed alternate channel off the ICW, 9’ tides, charted
but unmarked shoal that stuck out further than expected, sailing close
hauled so I was heeled already, falling tide. I did not stand a
chance. She came right off when the water came back.
Other scenic picture is in Acadia National Park, at Duck Harbor on
Isle au Haut. Picture is at high water, the deep water is only about
40’ wide at low, hence the bow and stern anchors. Beautiful hiking
Last picture is flying my $100 beater chute in light air on Penobscot
Bay. It is a little short on the foot to set real well. Spotting a
spinnaker in the distance, the race was on. I overtook and passed a
Sabre 36. Admittedly, they only had an assymetric and were not using
the main, but still a respectable performance for a fat, full keel
girl. We took pictures of each other and exchanged them later.

John Churchill

Thanks for the picts John,

But man you are making it hard to focus on work today. :slight_smile:

Thom Dyson
Director of Information Services
Sybex, Inc.