Morris - Shannon 28'' in Seattle...

When you get a chance look at Yachtworld and review
the 28’ Shannon in Seattle. The year of const is 1981
and it is priced at 67k (YW #1295-1008764). Appears
to be in decent shape and is owned by a Dr or so the
broker proclaims. Check out the speacs and advise your
opinion. I’ll give you a call later to discuss and
see how your affairs are coming.


Steve -
— Roger Olson < > wrote:

Hi Mark,
I suggest you talk to Sumio at SLM. We found a new
latch that is made from
a durable plastic. Dick and tried to break one and
had to use a 10 inch
screw drive and lots of strength to break it. It
has a much larger finger
pull than the brass ones we put on your boat.
Unfortunately, I do not have
the name with me but we bought them from
McMaster-Carr and they are not
expensive. If you need more information contact me
directly. I hope all is
well with you, Maria and Godspeed. Roger
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I’m finally going to replace my pull-ring interior
door latches.
They have never worked well because its hard to
use the ring when
your fingers are wet or with gloves on, and the
brass hing bends,
so the ring no longer fits flat against the base.

I’ve been looking at catalogs like Woodworkers
Supply, ABI, and
Jamestown Distributers. There are a few latches
that look like
they might work well, but I can’t be sure.

Question is this… Can anyone recommend a door
latch that has
worked well for them, and a source (catalog) where
I might place
an order? I’d be willing to spend $$$, if it is
something that
works well. I was thinking about using a small
brass barrel bolt
mechanism, but the smallest I can find is 4
inches, which is too

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

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