Mouting / Beddiing Bronze Hardware

Thoughts on mounting bronze Chocks and cleats on the wood boomkin. Should some type bedding be used?

Sounds like you are making good progress on the schooner.

I became a believer, protect your expensive wood. As you know, it keeps water from wicking in and then we have opinions. There are so many “best” ones. My favorite is old school Dolphinite, easy to use and it does protect well. Independent screw hole are difficult and this is where I use lanolin, helps the screw bite into the wood (like butter :-)) and the lanolin never dries out, not that I can tell.

I have heard there are new bedding compounds that may be better but you have a schooner, you don’t follow the crowd.

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Thanks, Vixen.
That was what I was thinking as well. I can think of nothing better than putting a little “Nipple Cream” (Lanolin) on my screws.
I found a pair of bronze winch stands on eBay ($200.) they look very cool with the vintage bronze winches I have. But I do like self tailers… so much ez’er.
And as to “Following the crowd”, Ya not so much. Anyone can have a Catalina 30. Being a shameless attention whore what could be better than a hybrid schooner.

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those look like Spartan Marine winch stands, still available.