Mr A.O. Halsey has passed.

I never met Mr. Halsey but being from Charleston I knew of him. I came accross this in Southwinds Magazine.

A.O. Halsey passed away on his boat on March 27 while
anchored at Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach, FL. He
and his wife Lindy had just completed a passage from the
Bahamas aboard their Falmouth Cutter, The Polaris Jack. He
was 69.
A.O. was born with spina bifida and was not expected
to live beyond the age of eight. Despite this disability, he
learned to sail and loved everything about the sea. He
worked transporting pilots to the ships. When not on the
job, A.O. loved to ride around in his dinghy and greet the
other boaters. He was a kind person with a ?can do? attitude,
and he will be greatly missed.
I don?t know if you can print this information, but it
would be helpful to his family to get the word out to the
many people who knew and loved him. They met so many
people on their cruises whom they would like to inform of
his passing.
Thanking you in advance for your consideration.
SV Sea Bird
Newnan, GA

His boat was “Polaris Jack” a 26 ft Cutter