My 2 cents worth

Sumio, Roger and crew,
    I have visited the Sam L Morse Company facility many times for the past 11 years. I have drooled over the beauty and craftsmanship of these boats. I have toured many other boat builder facilities as well.......while they may have better this or that - none can compare to the openness or willingness to listen to the customers needs as the crew at Morse does. The quality of work is not only very high but is fast becoming a lost art. Unfortunately, bean counters and slick advertising rule our world today. I am one of the many 'armchair/computer' BCC voyeurs....someday, someday......maybe. But I am still chasing the "cancerous discipline of security"
    We are indeed, fortunate to have the folks at the Sam L Morse Company who care so much about their products. It won't last forever.
Regards, Skip Fritz