My two cent''s worth:

Hi folks;
I'm a wannabe BCC owner, and I signed on to the group just so I could just read comments from BCC owners and get an idea of what life's like sailing a BCC, and to see if  I could find one that I could afford. So far, all that I've read has not turned me off from wanting one.
For what it's worth, I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a new one from Sumio, but if I win the lottery, I'll be knocking on his door the next day. 
 And I don't care if it's Yahoo or Mr Cole's server and Sumio that supports the group, I just want to be able to read all of your posts.
BTW: Are there any BCCs available for charter on the west coast?
'Nuff said?
Pax Starksen.
Paxton Starksen
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