New BCC Fuel/Water/Holding Tanks for Sale

I have for sale 5 different BCC tank. All of them are new.

1- 32 gallon aluminum fuel tank. Purchased from Sam L Morse. Has bracket and additional ports for integrated fuel polishing system. This is the same design used on some of the last BCC’s manufactured by Sam L Morse.

1- 26 gallon fresh water tank (pn # Ronco B338). Not all BCCs have this tank, but its a tapered tank that fits in aft part of the bilge.

2- 22 gallon fresh water tanks (pn # Ronco 337). These are the freshwater tanks that sit on top of the ballast shelf below the cabin sole

1- Ronco 15 gallon waste holding tank that fits in the bow.

Located in Utah. I can ship, I can also probably deliver to southern California.

Open to offers. Best way to reach me is through my gmail listed below.


Just completed a survey on BCC #77…water tanks are definitely dirty and I didn’t see any inspection/cleanout access other than the small tank fill.

Anyone have any experience:

  1. Accessing/cleaning the water tanks?
  2. Replacing the tanks? Do they fit out of the companionway?

Thanks for the help!

Hi,The water tanks on my boat were an algae farm, There is no way to get the center tank out without cutting the cabin sole on my boat so the only thing I could do was to bleach the tanks by putting in a gallon of bleach at a time and filling completely with water then letting it all go into the bilge after a day or so of soaking. I had the fuel tank out at the time so it was also nice to be able to get the bilges really clean that way. All the water lines have to replaced at the same time because the algae left in them will just grow back into the tanks starting the whole process again. Algae looks like little blackish bits of tissue when it comes out the faucet and it messes with the galley pumps etc. The smaller (12 gallon) forward tank came out with minimal cutting of beams etc. so it was treted the same way out of doors where it could be shaken and pressure washed inside and it came out sparkling clean so it will be my drinking water tank, I seperated the lines so that a foot pump now works the large 36 gal tank thats over the ballast and the forward tank is on a hand pump at the galley sinks.
Hope this helps

sv Fiddlers Green