New BCC owner

In two days I will be the proud owner of my first sailboat. Dulcinea, BCC hull #66. It is currently in Charleston SC and will be shipped this month to Port Superior in Bayfield, Wisc. I have so many questions, but thought I’d spend some time on it before I start planning the upgrades. I know I will be refinishing the brightwork and possibly switching the alcohol stove with a propane Force 10 (???) I will try the alcohol stove for a while but all I’ve heard about them leads me to believe that propane would be better. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great experience.

Mr. Curtis,

I’m happy you’ve found yourself such a great boat. My family is working toward purchasing a BCC - we’re figuring on another year or two before we’re ready to actively scour the market. We refuse to finance a boat, so savings it is!

All the best,
Aaron N.

congrats on the purchase, a really fine sailing boat for sure. afer owning mine for 15 years i have found that cetol works well on the brightwork and last a long time. good luck!

Puting cetol on a BCC is like using magarine on home baked bread.

Just kidding, but I really don’t like the way that stuff looks…on any boat.

If it’s teack I’d rather see it natural grey than splotched with that gunk. Just MHO. :slight_smile: