New BCC owner

Hi all, boy am I stoked! I just bought Shanti a 1988 BCC with a custom interior by Anderson Boat Works. looking forward to lurking around here.

I was the owner of Angelsea (now Elise) for 16 years. I sold her 8 years ago. And now found this beautiful speciman of a BCC in Newport Beach, CA last month.

I will be trucking her to Ft. Lauderdale, then sailing her down her to my home in the US Virgin Islands.

If anyone wants to see her you can go to I will be posting from time to time about the move from Newport to St. thomas on here.

Gary felton

Well, Gary, Welcome Back to the Hess family, we all miss you and your photography.

Hope you have as much fun and dream fulfillment as you did with Anglesea.

Congratulations, from BCC Calliste.

PS: Many Thanks for helping Mike set up that beautiful website, including the pano work.

Douglas, in Singapore

Hi Douglas,
Now I get to pick your guyses (is that a word?) minds on the BCC. Thanks for the complement! Nice to be back in the saddle.

Have scheduled the truck from Newport, CA to West Palm Beach. The trucking company is Joule. I used them When I shiped Angelsea out to Ft. Lauderdale From San Diego 17 years ago For her trip to St. Thomas. They are very professional and do a lot of boat hauls coast to coast. I am getting a “backhaul” for 1/2 the normal price. It appears that a coast to coast haul runs about 9K.

I will be using a yard in West Palm Beach. Does anyone have any experience with Cracker Boy Boatworks? They are right at the entrance behind Peanut Island. We will be open ocean in 10 mintues from casting off. They bill themselves as a “do-it-yourself” yard. Prices seem resonable.

Getting excited about the delivery, dusted off my sextant this morning.


i just purchased a 1982 bcc, “tremil sea”. i live aboard mine right off of peanut island. i have a new rudder on order from cape george yachts that i plan on installing at cracker boy. i would love to see your boat when she makes it here.


Hi Gary,

I enjoyed the photographs of Shanti and think your photographs on your website are amazing. Good luck with Shanti.

S/V Susie Q

HI Gary, I know you enjoyed sailing Angelsea for years. I must tell you that there are times when I prefer that little FC over the BCC. I am sure you will soon know what I mean. Anyway, the BCC “design” is a lot more boat. I know Shanti well. I was there when Mike Anderson did a total refit and the beautiful interior. Mike is about the best workman I know and you can feel comfortable that he would not cut any corners to do a job. He is totally committed to quality. You made a good choice.

I realize that by now you know what you are doing but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

Roger Olson

We have a connection. We once owned Angelsea and renamed her Elise. We now own a wonderful BCC Jolie Brise. Hope all goes well with your overland haul. The BCC is as you will find out not a FC. That is good in a lot of ways. Anyhow, welcome to the crew.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Hi B&L, Roger, and Jeremy,
B&L, Hope you enjoyed her as much as I did…what a great boat!

Thanks Roger, I already am realizing how much bigger she is. Twice the size if you go by displacement. I will be sure to tape your experince with the boats at some point. Does your head hurt…it must be huge!

Jeremy, Gee I wish I knew you needed a new rudder, I have one onboard Shanti and don’t really need it. Shanti is at cracker boy now. i will arrive around the 4th of Nov., but will not get to the yard until the 5th. lets get together and swap lies.

S/V Shanti

gee that sounds good :sunglasses:

Hi guys I am a new BCC owner. Just bought Hull 126 and starting to arrange its completion. I am interested to hear where I might source many of the items necessary to complete the boat. Such things as the chain plates, rigging hardware staunchions, boom gallows, port holes and so on. i am very excited about the project and can’t wait to get my teeth in to it.

my email is

Glad to know someone is going to work on her.As for parts I have used Jamestown Distributors in Bristol, RI and a great source for hardware would be Port Townsend Foundry in Wash. Best of luck. If you need any advice on anything this forum is the place to be.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Does your boat have a bow sprit yet or is that on the list as well.
Best to you
SV “Lightfoot”

Actually I don’t have…