New Cushions

Hi all, I wanted to run the cost of new cushions past the group for a sanity check. I’ve been quoted a price of $1700 from a family owned yacht builder, Tiffany Yachts. They are local to my area on the Virginia Chesapeake Bay. This cost would cover a complete cushion replacement, with 4" foam, polyfill wrapper, and high-end sumbrella interior cloth. They are also going to fit heavy clear plastic covers around the foam to minimize water intrusion. I’ve seen their work on their own boats, which are custom built power boats up to 72 feet. So, I trust the quality. They do real good work.

I’m wondering what others have paid to replace their bcc cushions?

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

We are also getting new cushions and got a price of around $1,400 plus $250 for topside material that we provided from an upholstery shop. Sounds about the
same as your quote. We’re in the San Francisco Bay Area.
-Wayne “Odyssey”

Price sounds about right. We paid $1,200 in '86. In '96 we traded some woodwork labor for sewing labor and used the old foam and it ran about $300 in material.

Last year we bought $50 in material, $120 in new foam and re-did everything (except the v-berth) ourselves. (We were able to reuse the vynil bottoms).

For amatures it came out surprisingly well, learned some tricks and would never pay a pro again. It’s not they are rip-offs, it’s just like everything else on a boat, it’s labor intensive and since our own labor is free, the costs are very reduced.

P.S. You cannot count frustration as a cost factor just because you sew a zipper on inside-out (twice!).

Stan on Waxwing

Ok, thanks Stan and Wayne. Sounds like the price they gave me is
in the ballpark. Looks like Tiffany Yachts will have a cushion job
coming up. Thanks very much for your response.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

I found that high density form to be the best. It cost a little more , but no need for plastic and water will not penetrate, no mildew. The cushion will also float in the water and keep one a afloat. I also found that out side the 2" did the job well. I have tried both types and sizes.
Good Luck