New Owner of BCC Hull #2

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello to the group and introduce myself. My name is Ben Hackett, living here in Seattle Washington, and I just purchased “Vixen” currently in Port Angeles, WA. She is gaff rigged Hull No. 2.

Just hauled her out and the hull looks great, no blisters or major concerns.

I am currently stuck in Port Angeles however as the Bukh DV20 inboard diesel’s timing is off. Don’t know what I am going to do as of yet, looking for a tow at this point to get through the inlet and back home.

Anyways, hello and I look forward to reading and sharing in the forums. If there is anyone locally in Seattle or the Northwest who want to meet up, I am always interested.

Take Care,

Ben Hackett


Hi Ben and welcome to the group. We look forward to hearing more from your corner of our wonderful obsession. We wish you luck on moving Vixen to her new home and would love to see pics of her under sail on the way!

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Hello Ben,
Congratulations on your Vixen purchase! Look forward to seeing more photos. I will let you catch your breath and get her home before I start pestering you with gaff rig questions.

Rose 76

Welcome Ben !
I also look forward to seeing more shots of Vixen when she’s sailing.
Good luck with the Bukh.

Before buying Adventure I chartered BCC Sentient lying in Anacortes.
It was my first visit to the Northwest, and we had a wonderful trip around the San Juan Islands.
Fantastic sailing !

All the best,
Mike Guy.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, I look forward to taking her home to a safe and particularly close location.

I’ll also add some more pictures once I get there, I have some amazing pictures of the lay up by the local marine carpenter who did the decking and rigging.

David, feel free to let me know what kind of questions you have. I am new to the Gaff rig world and may need your help as well in sorting out some issues. I still need to figure out how to fly the yankee.

Take Care,

Ben Hackett

Sweet Ben!

I’m always happy to talk about gaff rig stuff too - if you need another opinion :wink:

Ben welcome, you won’t regret the boat or the forum, all the best

from Stewart on Stravaigin hull 126


Welcome to the family of BCC owners. If you have any questions about BCC’s and projects this is the place to visit.

We are looking forward more photos.


Hello Ben,
Congratulations on your choice! If she is still in Pt Angeles with engine issues you may want to contact Barry of Stephens Marine in Pt Townsend. Hope to meet you in the area.

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Hi Ben,
I just discovered this thread, and am delighted to learn of another BCC based in Seattle! Have you moved Vixen to Seattle yet? Shaula is moored at Shilshole marina–where will Vixen live?

Have you communicated with Craig and Vicki Johnsen, the original owners of Vixen? We’ve known them since Vixen’s early days (mid-80’s?), and sailed with them a few times in the Port Townsend area. The area’s 5 or 6 BCC’s used to get together in P. Townsend every year or so–great fun.

Let’s get together. Our email is
Dan Shaula BCC 59 1981

Thank you everyone for responding. I am back in Seattle safe and sound with Vixen. Just working on projects one by one and getting her ready for the spring.

I just emailed you Dan, lets get together!