New Owner

Hello All,

Many years ago I owned a beautiful 30 ft. wooden Lyle Hess Bristol Channel Cutter. She was built by a wooden boat building school in Maine called " The Landing School ". But because of some changes in my life about 20 years ago I was forced to sell it. Selling that boat almost broke my heart and I knew then that someday I’d simply have to buy another. Today I finally managed to do just that. As of this morning, with the help of Bernie and Kate from Rogue Wave, I became the new and very happy owner of hull # 62, " Loon " ( formally ’ Peregrine ’ )

I’ve been lurking in the backround here on this forum for about a year knowing full well that someday I’d become an owner again and that this was the place to be. I’ve not even started asking questions yet and already I’ve learned so very much here about these fine boats. I must warn you all though … The lurking period is over and the question period is about to begin ! I know that there’s a wealth of kowledge about the BCC here on this forum and I intend to do my best to soak up as much of it as I possibly can.

But before I start making a pest of myself with questions I thought I’d simply introduce myself and let you all know that I’m happy as a clam to re-join the ranks as an owner of one of these wonderful little sail boats.

Nice to meet ya !

S.L. di Lorenzo
aka Baba

For the database, what is your home port?

Home port is Chatham, MA. Though the boat is now in Port Towsend, WA and I’ll soom be sending t to Annapolis where it will spend most of this next year.

Thanks, detabase is updated.

Welcome Baba!
You never know, we may have some questions for you someday.

Congrats, Baba.

Beautiful boat. Your dual anchor windlass and coaming secured chair backs are unique and way too cool features.

Rose 76

Hi Baba*,
May be I’ll see you in Annapolis. Let me know where Loon will be. The name reminds me of Maine. CERYAN’s hailing port is Prospect Harbor, ME.


*“Father” or “dad” in Turkish.