Non-Skid Mold

This question just came up on the Nor’sea forum and I thought I’d share the info and try to find out if anyone knows what the pattern is for the BCC.

It’s MAS Epoxy Flex Mold Patterns for your non-skid repairs.

Nice video of explanation:

List of available patterns:

I couldn’t recognize any of the Mas Epoxy patterns as a match for the BCC. I have had some luck in making my own patterns for non skid repair by using a two part cold mold compound that is used in jewelry casting. It is a rubber compound and picks up the nonskid details quite well. I got the stuff from Contenti in Pawtucket, RI. Repairing nonskid is an art and is very time consuming but well worth the effort. I learned by trial and error and lots of material trials before I got it right.The trick is getting the repair mold pattern to line up with the deck area that is to be repaired. On our BCC the nonskid sort of reminds me of a canvas pattern and looks like it has been pulled somewhat out of square with the weave of the cloth. In a case like this you must make your own mold so that it matches up. Good luck in your project.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Another flex-mold pdf file

Hi Bob, someone told me that the Crystaliner BCC’s non-skid was just a fiberglass cloth weave.

Maybe Roger would know, how they did it ?

What would the workers have done ? Something like spray or coat some f/g cloth with a mold release then tap it down into still wet mold resin , then remove it when the resin kicked off ?

Using that rubber compound to make a mold for localized repairs, seems the way to go , for me , too.


I never thought about that but that would reason why the pattern looks pulled in some places. I don’t know how it was done so we’ll have to hear from Roger or Sumio. Maybe someone at Crystaliner would shed some light on the subject.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise