Oil for transmission yanmar

What is best for the transmission I hear there are additives to avoid. Thanks guys

I use Delo by Chevron for both my Yanmar & transmission.

Ahoy Stewart , doesn’t the Yanmar manual state to use the same engine oil for the transmission ?

My transmission is a model KM2P (manufactured by Kanzaki Osaka) with a reduction of 2.62. The specs call for 0.3 liters of SAE 20/30 HD. Hope this helps…

What is best for the transmission I hear there are
additives to avoid.

In Australia, Yanmar brand engine oil made to API CC/CD performance specifications, is available at retail.

See: Oil And Coolant | Genuine Parts | Power Equipment

If an entrepreneur (a Yanmar distributor) in Australia can do it, why not in the US?


I know that some of the new oils have some scrubbers which are used to clean the walls of the cylinders. Apparently not very good for transmissions. Thanks for the input.

I picked up 2 x 5 Litres of Yanmar SAE 40 with CF rating today. The afternoon being sunny, I snapped a pic of the jugs on the walkway.

The lowest API class of Yanmar oil that the local distributor (Power Equipment, see earlier post) carries is CF. But that’s apparently far friendlier to Yanmar 3GM30F engines and transmissions than the current “cutting edge” of CJ and CI grades.

Jim “The Golden Spanner” Booker, the local diesel guru, recommends using a monograde oil, either SAE 30 if you’re headed to Antarctica/have a young (i.e. low hours) 3GM30F or SAE 40 for my local latitude (about 30 deg S)/have an engine older than 10 years.

The local Yanmar distributor agrees with traveler (see post above) that Caltex (Chevron in the US) Delo Silver CF monograde (see the quote “designed for a wide range of older diesel engines … where a monograde is preferred” at http://www.caltex.com.au/FPL%20PDS/Delo%20Silver%20Monograde.pdf) is an acceptable alternative for a 3GM30F engine and transmission.