Orientation of risers for winches

I saw in a few FC pictures that people have canted (angled) risers under their deck winches. My question is how are they oriented? Is the high side outboard while the low side is inboard or is the high side forward with the low side aft or some other orientation?


The risers for the jib sheet winches of my FC are oriented with the high side forward / the low side aft. As I recall, the winches are supposed to be angled backwards from the direction of the blocks. Which they are in my FC’s case. This helps keep one turn of the sheet from jumping over an adjacent turn and preventing further adjustment of the sheet. In the latter case the sheet is said to be “wrapped” and it must be dealt with by taking the sheet tension off of the winch so the “wrap” can be undone.

ron walton
editor: FC News

Thanks Ron for your answer.