Parachute drogue

We carried an ex-military cargo parachute during our 15 year Pacific cruise, but never used it. It’s still in the original sealed package. I intended to use the Pardey system with bridle to control the angle presented to the waves. Anyone interested?

Im curious what the diameter is. If its 8’ or under id be interested.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the paperwork that came with it. Stenciled on the nylon parachute is “US Navy ORD Parachute Mk 2 Mod 3 Serial No. 36198”. This Sail Magazine article by L and L mentions the possible sizes and I’m confident this the 9 ft model. It weights about 10 lbs. I think this is the appropriate size for a BCC but probably not for a FC? How to hove-to with a para-anchor by Lin & Larry Pardey

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