Parafin Heater or a new pair of gloves

I just took delivery of a new Blakes heater. Now that I have it im wondering if I want to install it or simply go without. I live in Wa state so yes it’s cold. I also never sail in the winter, I hate being cold and have a nice warm cabin on the water so…

Can anybody sway me here. The BCC in my opinion leaves few options.

Im not a fan of propane so for me that’s out.

I only have 2 group 27 batteries and don’t plan on adding more so most if not all forced air is out. Also I won’t put lithium on my boat, call me a luddite but I won’t. I carry one 25 watt solar panel and will go smaller before I go larger. I have a simple boat and didn’t buy it to be connected to the real world. The only convenience my boat affords me is an excuse not to work :slight_smile:

Not much space for a wood burner so that may be out but one can dream.

Yes I live in a mental prison of simplicity and I embrace it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Where did you plan on installing it? We have an old Hi Seas diesel heater on the main bulkhead between the mast and the port settee. It’s a very tight spot and I’m wondering the same thing- do I replace it or just button up the hole.

Only thing I’ve found that will fit there is a Refleks 66M. I don’t even think the tiny Blakes would squeeze in

I have the god awful fixed table so the only place I can really see putting it is on the stb side. Im thinking I’ll add this heater to my marine museum and continue my search for wood. Fatsco is still in business but not for long. I may order a few and just sit on them. It’s scary how hard it is to find anything that fits my boat these days.

This is a Fatsco Chummy that John and Gail McWilliams had installed on BCC Maggie.

I have one of these tucked away in my attic in VT. I guess they make nice ice fishing hut heaters too :joy:.


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That is beautiful Jeremy! I think I would prefer a wood stove, but if we do install one, Beth seems intent on kerosene or diesel. We’re a little concerned about finding and storing dry wood.

Barefoot- We have the fixed table as well. It does make it hard to access the heater, but being sole mounted it does provide a nice long straight path for the flue, which as I understand it, is recommended to help any stove draw better.

This sounds familiar. I bought a Reflex diesel heater, but I don’t know if I want to install it. I am topped out at 100 watts of solar so I am slightly more opulent than you.

There just isn’t a good place to install a heater. I was considering on the shelf next to the liquor cabinet, but there’s not much duct room and the heater is high. A floor placement would be best. If I didn’t have that stupid head which I never use, it would go there.

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