Photo Friendly

I really like the ease of access to the photos on the new website. I hope as many owners as possible will share photos and ideas.

Hello Folks,

I’ve done some organizing in the Gallery; rearranging some of the pictures that are already there; changing the “look” a little; and setting it up to permit you to add your own pictures.

If you have not seen the Gallery yet, here is the link:

There is a facinating series of albums on the construction of BCC “Salute”. If you have not seen them, I highly recommend it:

I’ve setup Gallery so that you can now add pictures to most of the existing albums. If you are not sure where to put your pictures, or if you think they belong in a new album, put them in the “New Uploads” album, and send me a note. I’ll take care of finding a home for them.

Some of you have already commented that you can’t get back to the BCC Forum from the Gallery. John is working on adding a header with links to make it easier to navigate to fro.