I have been offline for a while but would like to start participating in the forum again. Yesterday I chimed in very late on the bowsprit thread. ( yes I have one)

I wanted to post a photo of Rose in defense of my " over the top" refurbishment efforts but the file was too big so I built a google photo share album with a bunch of pics I took this past summer.

"I don’t think my rebuild was over the top. OK, maybe the rug and the sink up forward, and maybe the stained glass :slight_smile:

I bought her in 2000 when she was Sea Star. Hurricane Ike tried to take her in 2008. She was badly damaged but the bones were still good. I took the opportunity to make some changes. I dropped the sole to get 6’3" headroom (no more bumping my bald head). She has a gaff rig with Sitka Spruce spars. The sail plan was designed by Ed Burnett. She has 480 amp hours of house power and no propane.

If you care to take a photo tour of Rose:"

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Hi David,

I hope you didn’t take offense to my comment of Rose being “over the top”, I meant it as a complement as you performed one of the most thorough refits I’ve ever seen on a boat. I also want to thank you for keeping such detailed notes and pictures of the restoration.

S/V Vixen BCC #2

Thanks Rich, No offense taken. I did get a bit carried away with a few aspects of the refurb.

David, you showed me around Rose when I first moved to Texas, about 4 years ago. She’s an absolute beauty!

Jason F.

Beautiful refit. Where is Rose sailing these days?

21’ Herreshoff Pisces-Fish.
Milford CT

I think @David keeps her in Rockland Maine.

Hi Rick
Rose has been In Rockland Maine for the past few years. The sailing grounds are beautiful but the season is so short. I am going to ship her back to Texas at the end of September